Friday, 10 April 2015

Profile: Sophie Dunér

Sophie Dunér is a Swedish singer and composer, whose musical roots lie in jazz. But her style of music that she performs is a mixture between jazz and contemporary classical music.

In March 2013, Dunér released the album 'The City of My Soul' through Big Round Records, part of the Parma Recordings Company. The album became one of Parma's top records for digital sales in February this year.

So far in her career she has collaborated with electric cellist Jeremy Harman from the Sirius Quartet, The Callino Quartet, Rory Stuart, Matt Penman, Kahlil Kwame Bell, Dominic Duval,Fernando Huergo and Bertram Lehmann.

She has travelled to a number of different countries to perform her music such as the U.S and Buenos Aires as well as across Europe.

But Dunér also appears to be multi-talented, as she is also a painter. Her work has been included in the Swedish gallery owner Christer Boetus' art book - with a copy of  'The City of My Soul' included in every copy of the book.

The singer manages to combine her talents for music and painting in her live performances by projecting her paintings digitally.

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